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Human Resources

Our employees are our greatest assets, there are more than One thousand Five hundred people working in Evince Textiles now. The management does its job with the help of following departments:

  1. Administration -
  2. a)   Administration & HR
  3. b)   Finance & Accounts
  4. c)   Company Secretarial
  5. d)   Purchase


  1. Production -
  2. a)   Planning
  3. b)   Yarn-dying
  4. c)   Weaving
  5. d)   Finishing
  6. e)   Quality Assurance & Product Development
  7. f)    Inspection
  8. g)   Maintenance & Utility


Safety Rules and Regulations:

As a responsible employer we provide our employees with a secure working environment, all departments maintain their safety rules and regulation. Usage of safety equipments like Masks, Helmets, Gloves, Eyeglasses & Rubber boots prevents work related accidents. We have fire alarms, clearly demarcated emergency routes and exits, smoke detectors, adequate fire extinguisher and hose pipe for emergency water in all the departments. Training to use these equipments and periodic fire drills for evacuation without hassle and are periodically conducted by the HR department.


Work environment facilities:

To secure mental and physical well being of workers we provide them with a good work environment. Sufficient lighting and ventilation is provided with the use of overhead reflectors and forced duct ventilation system. Adequate and properly placed outlets of safe drinking water, hygienic lavatories are maintained and periodically upgraded in an conscious effort to ensure the workforce welfare.


Code of conduct:

We believe growth and prosperity brings extra responsibility towards the society. To pay our due for a fairer and equal society we have taken assertive actions like employing women in growing portion. There is no employee under 18 years of age. We implement policies to remove discrimination in work place and strictly follow the Government Industrial and labor policies.